Assorted Fruit And Vegetable Juice For Healthy Joints

Joints is a liaison between the bone and have an important function as the main support of the movement. Joint health is supported by the presence of glucosamine that is produced naturally by the body. Glucosamine is a compound essential to building joint cartilage that acts as a cushion on the ends of the bones and joints to maintain fluid viscosity. Did you know that the juice can help you to obtain joint health? Visit our website now and get a review of the top rated juicers that you can choose to make your healthy juice.

According to the results of medical research, certain foods can improve the health of joints due to the content of natural substances in them. Some types of vegetables and fruits are good for the joints are avocados, apples, guava, papaya, dragon fruit, melon, tomato, banana, squash, cabbage, ferns, and celery. Especially for walnut kernels were used as a material containing essential fatty topping useful for maintaining joint health. In order for the nutrients, vitamins and nutritious substances in the material can be optimally absorbed by the body, it needs to be processed into juice.

Healthy juice recipe that we will share this time requires a special tool to extract the fruit or vegetable. The tool is a juice extractor (juicer). Here are the juice recipes that you can try at home:

– Guava juice mixed avocado
Clean the guava fruit, then take the juice extractor juice machine wear. Combine the juice of guava and avocado in a blender. Blender smooth and serve immediately.

– Fern leaves and apple juice
Take sari (extract) fern leaf and apple juice extractor wear. Enter cider and fern into a blender, add avocado slices. Serve in glasses with a sprinkling of walnuts topping.

– Chicory and Banana Juice
Take sari (extract) chicory and banana juice extractor engine wear. Combine all ingredients in a blender, puree.

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