These steps will help you to teach your kids on how to use the toilet

When a child is ready to going trough the toilet training, your role with the entire family support is very needed, so you need to make sure that the entire family is ready to help this process. It’s not just that, make sure that the house is in the normal and quiet condition (no quarrel between each family member). The famous urologist in bangalore is more than happy to share the first steps that you need to take to support the child toilet training process.

Here are the steps that you need to take :

1. Introduce the kids to the toilet. Start to explain to the child about the use of the toilet, such as for urinating and defecate. Tell the child when he or she starts to us the toilet, that means he or she has to take off the diapers and replace it with the underwear. You also need to explain to the child that he or she is cannot urinate or defecate in the diapers anymore. In order to make the child easier to say the terms of urinating and defecate, you can replace them with the word “pee” or “poop”. Don’t forget to tell the child about the true meaning of those words so he or she will understand them completely.

2. Choose the bedpan. When you’re teaching the child to use the toilet, you can’t use the normal toilet. Use the bedpan for kids until his or her body size could reach the adult toilet. Take the child to choose the bedpan that he or she is going to use. Let the child tries many bedpans until he or she finds the one that’s comfortable. You can put the bedpan in the toilet and tell the child about it. This way, the child will be used to the function of the toilet and knows where to go when he or she needs to pee or poop.

3. Take the children when you’re going to the bathroom. In order to make the training easier, watching the real activity directly in the toilet is important. For the example, you can ask the child to come with you when you need to use the toilet if you’re comfortable with it. Explain to the child about what you’re doing in there.

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