How to be the clerk?

If we look at the dream of children, most of them want to be a doctor and a pilot. It is normal because they only know if only a few noble jobs in this life. Maybe we think if the judge is the noblest work because it can decide if the person guilty or not but we have to know if there are also people who help the judge in making decisions and they are clerk of courts. Usually, they only work in the clerk’s office but if they have an order of the presiding judge to oversee the trial in court, they can not reject it. To be a clerk is not easy because they have the burden of the work. They not only work in one case but they often work in several cases. They are not working in one court but in some court especially those in the area surrounding. If we want to be a clerk, we must be ready to start the job from above. Usually, the beginner clerk of courts will not work on the court and they will be trained by the senior clerks.

After trained at the court, we will practice in court. Usually, the beginner clerk will be given the light duties which do not have a responsibility. It will be assessed by senior clerks and if we can do the practice well, we will be given the task that is more responsible. At this time, we have to focus on what we do because it can determine the judge’s decision. If we are wrong in taking action, we will not only get a reprimand but also the punishment. So, if we want to say the work of clerks is easy, all of it is wrong because we only find the hard tasks. Even they are not as important as judge, we can underestimate on their work.

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