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Differences Dental Implant and Patch

Definition of dental implants themselves, are artificial tooth root that is implanted into the jaw to grow teeth. The process of planting carried out through minor surgery, namely by opening the gums and then make holes in the part of the bone with a size of between 3-4 millimeters. “A dental implant is mentioned in the tooth that had been removed. So the teeth had been removed and the empty place dental implants that do the planting. If you want to get dental implants and handled by a professional dentist, you can visit Dr Kenneth l fong dds.

It is certainly different from the concept of dental fillings, because the remaining teeth were then drilled and perforated portion on the tooth new patched. Dental teeth or dentures will be planted a cylinder with a diameter of 3-4 millimeters in length between 10-13 mm. So who planted the roots, then there are bolts that connect between the implants are implanted in and out part of the oral cavity. These teeth in static and do not grow.