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Link and popularity building with the Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the effort of search engine outside the website. The optimization from inside the website or the On-page SEO is often not enough in order to get the high ranking in the search result, especially for the new websites who don’t have any audience yet. Except if the keyword competition is pretty much low. The SEO Milwaukee wants to share some info with you on the link and popularity building by using the Off-page SEO.

The importance of backlink

In order to understand the important of the Off-link SEO, we will explain a little about the relationship between the search engine and link. The search engine like the Google has a bot that’s in charge to crawling on the internet. The crawler that belongs to Google called the Googlebot. It moves from one website to another through the link that’s listed on every web page. From the data that have been gathered by Googlebot, the index and the list for the website rank is being made.

It’s because of the Googlebot is using the links as its way to navigate, the websites that have the outside links will be the higher priority. The more and the better the quality of the links, the better a website rank will be. That’s why the links from other websites (backlink) are holding the important role in SEO.

The wrong strategy for the link building

Off-page SEO has its own dark side. There are some people who want to elevate the rank of their website, but they’re being too lazy to make the qualified content and also to do the marketing, and they just relied on the link building. Link building is the support of the website content. Without the qualified content, it’s better for you to not do the link building. Aside from being useless, the result could be a penalty from the Google itself.

A good link building process is always related to the marketing and content marketing. Not from the spamming and using the automation bot or software.