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The correct database for your data management

At the old days when the database management concept has been created, managing the data of a business and organizations were far more complicated than today. Furthermore, at those days, the computer still hasn’t been invented and you have to record and manage all of those data manually by our own hand writings. Fortunately, these days managing the data of our business and organization can be a lot easier due to the concept of data management and the development of computer technology as well. It’s also because of those two reasons, now we know about the two types of database. Each type of database cannot be used recklessly, due to each of them will be suited for some data management, but they won’t be suited for some other. If you’re planning to learn more about the data management and its application program, you can choose the FileMaker Pro 15 Video Training Bundle to get the best online training on the internet.

In order to help you to decide on which database that will be suitable for your company or organization, here is the database compatibility that you need to know:

Relational Database

It’s very excellent for the big companies and businesses, due to its capability of managing the huge amount of data with the high level of complexity. Every table are related to each other and it’s locking mechanism will protect your data as well. However, due to its specialty to manage the big amount of data, it’s searching and the browsing process will take the longer time. It happens because of this database requires connecting each table in order to find the data that’s being searched.

Flat-file Database

If you’re managing the data for a school administration or a small store, it’s ideal for you to choose the flat-file database to manage your data. Its tables are not related to each other so the searching process will be a lot faster. The data can be changed easier as well. However, it’s data often to be corrupted and it’s easy to be duplicated.