gatsby fashion dresses

Costume for women

Many fashion experts argue if 1920 is the turning point of women’s fashion. Many designers create clothes with their minds to create clothes that are different from the previous. According to fashion experts, when the first world war, the difficulty of running from them because they are heavy and bulky clothes, so they could not run away if there is an enemy that attacked to their place. In wartime, the creativity of people is limited because they are regarded as dissidents or rebels if they put forward the idea of them. It also makes the author of the novel Great Gatsby have brilliant ideas in determining the character’s costume. Besides luxury, costumes woman in the novel is also represented of their freedom in clothes. We can see examples of the costume lady who was there on a novel in because there, we also buy costumes.

If we look at the 18th century until the early 19th century, women’s clothing consisted only of the heavy covered bodice and full skirt dresses. The women look elegant but they are not free to move because their bodies are bound by corsets. We can also see if the beads are sold in are beads used by women in 1920. We certainly were surprised because the woman at that time already had good ratings on jewelry, especially necklaces and headband. We may not be surprised if they only use the manual sewing machine in the manufacture of the costume because at that time there was no automatic sewing machine. The precious value that can be drawn from the Great Gatsby costumes for women is their freedom of expression and innovate to get dressed. So, we should not be afraid to dress like them because we are also the people who have the right to expression and independence.