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It’s Equipment That Must Be Carried Motorcycle Rider In The Rain

Rainy season does not seem to have arrived again, for you motorists can not hurt to get back ready. Do not let the rain hampers your activity. In addition, to be prepared from the wet body exposed to the rain, the potential for accidents is also higher due to visibility and slippery roads. So it could not hurt to always be ready equipment that can support you drive in the rain. Let’s set up safety equipment and ride comfort from motorbike shop auckland. Driving in the rain will make your hands slippery, quality gloves should be a must-have kit. Try choosing non-slippery material when exposed to water. Try to choose Pro Biker Gloves that use knuckle protector and made of thick plastic that does not make slippery hands. To keep you safe while driving, it is advisable to use boots during the rainy season. Choose boots that are special for motorcycle riders. AP Boots Moto 3 shoes can be counted because waterproof, not slippery, and sturdy models will keep you from slipping easily. For you who do not want to bother having to bring two shoes, you can choose shoe cover one of them from Fun Cover. Your favorite shoes will stay dry even though it rains. The material is also lightweight so you can keep it always in the trunk of your motorcycle.

The rainy season means you should always be ready with a raincoat. Do not let the trip hampered by forgetting to bring a raincoat. Just like a raincoat helmet is also a tool that you must carry. Avoid raincoat type poncho, choice of raincoat two pieces like Axio Rainy Cloth that uses two materials. You will remain dry despite the rain. Do not forget to choose a raincoat with bright colors. Helmet becomes a very important part when for motorcycle riders so choose a quality helmet and SNI standard. When the rain chooses a helmet that is not easily condensed, for example, Helm MDS Full Face is a modular type. This modular type is easy to use and includes built-in sunglasses.