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A perfect gift for wine lovers and enthusiasts, sure to bring warm thoughts and fond memories to mind. Each time these gifts are lit or activated, your fondest thoughts are again warmed by the glow.

Shop online for everything from complete wine bottle lamp kits to assorted aromatherapy items.  Grab one of our unique Oklahoma made bottle lamp security bases and forget about spills.  Find the perfect gift for the ones you love or make your wedding decorations more elegant. Give the gift of VinoGlo and preserve that special moment for a lifetime. More about VinoGlo

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What is VinoGlo?

A VinoGlo is an insert, with a wick, that fits into the opening of a glass bottle and converts it into a beautiful romantic oil lamp. Our VinoGlos create do-it-yourself  wine bottle lamps, and they can be used with any glass bottle, too. To make your bottle candle, simply insert the cork with it's wick into a clean empty glass bottle that has been filled with a top quality lamp oil, like odorless and smokeless lamp oil. After the wick has been saturated with oil, light the top of the wick protruding slightly from the cork, et voila! Instant atmosphere! Capture the romance, keep that special bottle and always remember that special day or evening.

The VinoGlo may be used in your favorite glass bottle. As a wine bottle accessory or for any of the following, a water bottle, a champagne, olive oil, or a decorator bottle may be used. The 100% cotton wick has been tested to last over 4000 hours, and will not 'gum' up with residue as many fiberglass wicks can.

Our company's goal is to offer only top quality products at a fair price. We want to make a friend for life. We strongly value our repeat customers and will do everything we can possibly do to keep them 100% satisfied.

Keep a Flame Burning For Those Who Keep Us Free!

VinoGlo Wine Lamp Operation and Helpful Hints:

Always fill your bottle full of lamp oil, the lamp oil can only come up the wick by capillary action and it can only climb about 6 or 7 inches to the flame. If you let your oil get more than 6 or 7 in below the flame it will start to burn the wick.

If you want to save on the amount of oil you need to fill the bottle the first time, you can put pebbles, glass beads, sand, or marbles in the bottle and then fill it with lamp oil. This will also add weight to the bottom of the bottle and make it more stable.

We recommend that you only use a liquid paraffin "Ultra Pure Lamp Oil", by using this type you will have no odor and no smoke. Also if a bottle filled with liquid paraffin gets knocked over it will not flare up like cheaper lamp oils, in most cases it will go out.

You should have the wick above the top of the VinoGlo cork no more than the thickness of a dime. This will give you a "candle size" flame which is perfect.

If you ever do need to replace the wick in your VinoGlo (it should last about 4,000 hours if you use good lamp oil) use a piece of thin wire about 6" long , like floral wire and bend it like a hairpin, then push the loop through the cork, put about 1/4" of the new wick through the loop and pull the wire back through the cork.

If your VinoGlo lights for a while but then goes out, it is probably that the wick is twisted inside the cork. Sometimes if you try to raise the wick by twisting it and pushing it from the bottom, you get the same result that you do when you wring out a dishcloth. It gets twisted tight and the oil can not come through from the bottle. Push the wick up from the bottom then grab the end from the top and pull it up a couple of inches, straighten it out and then pull it back down from the bottom until the top of the wick is just above the surface of the cork.

If your VinoGlo smokes when you light it, it has to be one of three problems, you are either using bad lamp oil, you have the wick too high above the surface of the cork, or you have let the lamp oil get too low in the bottle.

Liquid paraffin will not harm most materials and in some cases acts as a preservative so you can decorate your bottles inside with silk flowers, dried flowers, use your imagination!! (Example - A clear bottle filled with candy corn and the Jack O Lantern VinoGlo makes a great Halloween center piece)

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