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At-Home Wine Tastings

It's a great way to spice up your regular happy hour, but many wineries now offer virtual tastings to bring the vineyard experience home. You can create a virtual group, everyone can order the same bottle and wine tastings can take place at people's homes. If you want to pick up a wine and taste it yourself or order it, the winery will deliver it to your doorstep. We are here to tell you how it works, so try two virtual tastings and then book your virtual wine tasting appointment online. You can set up a host who will sit with a panoramic view of Bouchaine Vineyards in Napa and lead your guests into a discussion about wine. Taste Kit will be delivered to your home and the kit includes flavors and a vintage summary. Lace Limos has teamed up with Napa Valley wineries to bring a blind tasting straight from Napa Valley to your doorstep. Try from the Grid and throw in free recipes to create your own DIY food pairings. The Blind Tasting 101 Set includes a sealed envelope with tasting grid, tasting notes and a view of the wine list. Celebrate the start of the season with Dennis Cakebread and Chef Brian Streeter, who invite you to grab a glass and participate in the Vin Porche video celebration. Bring a tasting of the Duckhorn vineyards home and choose the Virtual Tasting option or just make a private appointment and choose your wine selection below.

Hear it From The Winemakers Themselves

Each week, winemakers discuss their selection and answer questions - hand in hand - during the virtual tasting. You will receive an invitation to your personal virtual tastings and simply select a wine selection and make an appointment. Have your wine sent to you or arrange a tasting with your personal wine educator for a private appointment at the Duckhorn Winery or in one of our private tasting rooms in your house. Elyse Winery is offering a limited edition of her Sauvignon Blanc, Handwritten notebook. Celebrate spring with this handwritten notes from the author. Orders of 6 or more bottles will receive a free bottle of Handwritten 2019 and a $5 discount on the purchase of one bottle. Elyse Winery is offering a limited edition Sauvignon Blanc, Handwritten 2019, with a $5 discount on the purchase of a bottle of wine. I love to go wine tasting with the professionals, to experience new wineries, to taste different varieties and to learn more about the winemakers. Have your wine sent directly to you or set a date for wine tasting with a virtual wine educator. The tutor will then guide you through the tasting notes and answer your questions. The wine you taste varies with your mood as well as the choice of food, so try the wine like a pro!Let's face it, there's nothing worse than having no excuse to drink, so many wineries have stepped in to fill the void with virtual wine tasting opportunities you have at home. Ladies, do your research - there are many great ways to have a drink at home with friends, family and friends. But while nothing compares to sharing a bottle with a dear friend, you can take great comfort in having a virtual affair with these virtual affairs. The most beautiful wineries in Napa Valley are joining in by hosting virtual happy hour on Zoom's social media platforms, offering a variety of wines from some of the world's most popular winery brands, as well as some of their own. The historic Stags Leap Winery is hosting a virtual tasting this week, with a team of wine experts from the wine industry's top winemakers helping out. They discuss their wines and answer all the questions that viewers might have after tasting different varieties of grapes each week and discuss their favorite wines.

At Home Tastings Give You Control

At home tastings, you can order your favorites, sip award-winning wines with friends, and join a wine club to raise money for the charities you care about. To host a wine tasting at OneHope, you only need to visit the host site and fill in a form so we can put you in touch with an entrepreneur near you. More virtual events are in sight for award-winning wineries, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for updated virtual tasting opportunities. Friends in a Bottle, organize a virtual wine tasting with your friends by the bottle and take a glass of one of their wines. Blustone Vineyards is hosting its new release party via Zoom, where the first 50 customers who respond will receive an invitation to Zoom to discuss the growing conditions and production of the wine at an interactive tasting by owner Tom Knighton.